Thai Fruits
SARONG (Paa-Tung)


Spring / Summer 2017


Muay Thai is a martial art that contains elegantly beautiful movements, but also hidden power and strength. 

In this collection, Spring / Summer 2017, Mais Mais presents designs and ideas that are inspired by Muay Thai,

namely Muay Thai punching gloves, boxing shorts and punching bags. 



Our work stems from original ideas, progressing into design and finally onto the fashionable

products you see today. The shapes of our bags are inspired by Muay Thai’s equipments, 

making them incredibly unique as they combine old-fashioned Muay Thai characteristic 

with modern Thai designs



Each product has been individually created by our designers with skill and finesse incorporating

the technique of pleating into this collection. Our products are able to stand out from the crowd

by using bright, dazzling materials and powerful colours such as black, red, yellow and gold.

This also applies with Mais Mais’ letter’s that are designed to shadow and pay tribute the original

Muay Thai Font. The fire graphic we use is an adapted snippet derived from

the Thai ‘Kanok’ design to decorate our products. 



SAVAGE MAIDEN’ truly represents energy, enthusiasm and power that will fulfil the lifestyle

of confident, outgoing women whether they are on a night out or simply living their day to day lives.


Punching Glove Crossbody (red)

1,490.00 ฿ 1,090.00 ฿

Fire Punching Bag

3,750.00 ฿ 790.00 ฿
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